Handyman Services

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Handyman Services

Handyman Services | IC Services - Austin, TX

Handyman services are a lifesaver if you aren’t a handyman or don’t have the tools you need to fix the small projects around your home. Don’t let those small jobs become large projects when they aren’t fixed quickly and correctly.

When you need a handyman, you should watch out for scams. If the contractor comes to your door and solicits your business, you should proceed with caution. Other warning signs might be requesting cash or payment up front or a large down payment to get materials. If you ask for references, they may hem and haw and tell you that they’ll do the job at a reduced charge for you to be a reference.

When you hire a handyman you should expect professional behavior that ensures that the job will be done right and to your satisfaction. The contractor who provides handyman services should be licensed and bonded and have a tax ID for their business. Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce or BBB is a good sign of a professional contractor.

The contractors with IC Services in Austin, Texas who provide handyman services for your home will go above and beyond basic standards. We can fix just about anything, but we don’t do roofing or carpeting. For home improvements or repairs, give us a call to get your free estimate.

Let us handle the repairs you need so your home operates efficiently. We have carpentry skills, electricians, and technicians who are experienced in tile and drywall. We will be on time and get the job done professionally and quickly. Trust us to fix the problems you’ve been putting off.